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Advisory Bodies and Focal Points

The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee was established by
UN-ESCWA resolution 175 (XV) of 18 May 1989 to strengthen the role and performance of the Commission. It consists of heads of diplomatic missions in the host country of the Commission, as well as a high level representative of the host country. The Advisory Committee plays a consultative role and functions as a major means of communication between member States and the UN-ESCWA Secretariat and among member States themselves on important matters requiring attention during the period between the biennial sessions of the Commission. The committee meets every four months at the headquarters of UN-ESCWA in Beirut.

List of the reports of the meetings of the Advisory Committee.

2 meetings on 24 February 2011 and 3 November 2011;

1 meeting on 22 April 2010;

2 meeting on 19 March 2009, 14 December 2009;

1 meeting on 13 October 2008;

3 meetings in 2007: 1 February , 3 October and 16 May;

Consultative Committee on Scientific and Technological Development and Technological Innovation

The establishment of the Consultative Committee was approved during the Commission's 21st Ministerial Session on May 11, 2001 by Resolution 225 (XXI). The Committee shall be composed of experts from public institutions, private sectors, civil society and research centres, and shall have the following duties:

To advise on the endeavors exerted by member countries with a view to acquiring modern technology and support such endeavors with regional and international expertise, with particular reference to information and communications technology, biotechnology and new materials technology;

To propose ways of integrating and coordinating efforts aimed at transferring, adapting and mastering this technology, and promoting regional cooperation in these fields;

To advise on priorities related to the programmes of work and medium-term plans adopted by UN-ESCWA in the fields of developing scientific and technological capabilities and technological innovation;

To follow up on the resolutions and recommendations of international and regional conferences relating to the development of scientific and technological capabilities and technological innovation, which are attended by member countries; and to coordinate efforts related to the implementation of such resolutions and recommendations;

The Committee held its first meeting in Beirut, on 18 July 2002, and has convened once every two years thereafter.

List of the reports of the meetings of the Consultative Committee on Scientific and Technological Development and Technological Innovation.

  Report of the Third meeting, (Beirut, 6-7 March 2006)
  Report of the Second meeting, (Damascus, 24 November 2004)
  Report of the First meeting, (Beirut, 18 July 2002)