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Committee on Social Development

The committee on Social Development was established pursuant to ESCWA resolution 198 (VVII) of 31 May 1994, which was approved by the Economic and Social Council on July 26 1994 by its resolution 1994/27. The establishment of the Committee is based on a series of ESCWA resolutions including resolution 182 (XV) on the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Decade for Western Asia (1994-2003); 186 (XVI) on preparations for the International Year of the Family, 1994; 187 (XVI) on the World Summit for Social Development; 188 (XVI) on preparations for the Fourth World Conference on Women: Action for Equality, Development and Peace; and 189 (XVI) on the Arab Population Conference, 1993. The setting-up of the committee was inspired by steps taken by other UN regional commissions to establish specialized committees on social Development to coordinate social development activities taking into account the conditions, cultural realities and social structure of the States of the region and their economic and social development needs.

The Committee is made up of representatives of the ESCWA member States and entrusted to assume the following tasks:

  1. Participation in the establishment and formulation of priorities for the programme of work and priorities and medium term plans in social development fields;

  2. Monitoring of the progress achieved in social programmes and activities in the ESCWA region and preparation of the necessary recommendations for strengthening the social development process in member States;

  3. Follow-up of international and regional conferences, participation of member States in those conferences, and coordination of regional efforts relating to the implementation of resolutions and recommendations;

  4. Definition of focal points to coordinate various social activities together with the secretariat and monitor their execution.

The resolution of 31 May 1994 also stated that starting in 1995, the Committee on social development should hold its meetings every two years. Eventually, the Committee held its first session in Amman on 25 and 26 March 2001; its second session in Beirut on 7 and 8 April 1999; and its third session in Beirut on 27 and 28 March 2001. However, during the Third Session, the Committee on Social Development decided in its resolution of 28 March 2001 that the Committee shall meet every other year preceding the biannual Session of ESCWA (paragraph 29 of the final report). Thus the Fourth Session of the Committee on Social Development will be held in Beirut during the fourth quarter of 2002.

Committee on Social Development Session Reports
Sixth Session 5-7 March 2007, Amman
Fifth Session 29-30 March 2005, Beirut
Fourth Session 3-5 July 2002, Beirut
Third Session (Ar) 27-28 March 2001, Beirut
Second Session (Ar) 7-8 April 1999, Beirut
First Session (Ar) 25-26 March 1997, Amman