Press Releases 2004-2005

12 December 2005 - UNESCWA Launches Workshop on Arab Perspective of Legal Informatics
7 December 2005 - Alcatel and UNESCWA Reaffirm their Commitment for Collaboration to Bridge the Digital Divide
18 November 2005 - UNESCWA Executive Secretary Holds Press Conference at WSIS Tunis
20 May 2005 - UN-ESCWA Holds Training Program for Senior Iraqi Planning and Development Ministry Staff
31 March 2005 - UN-ESCWA Proposes Regional Plan of Action for Building the Information Society
27 January 2005 - ESCWA and Alcatel Sign a Memorandum of Understanding
23 November 2004 - Arab Regional Preparatory Conference for the Second Phase of WSIS Opens in Damascus
4 October 2004 - ESCWA Focuses on Building Region's Information Society Ahead of Tunis Conference
25 May 2004 - ESCWA Launches Specialized Website at Meeting on Information and Communication Technology for Persons with Disability
28 April 2004 - UN ESCWA Tackles Use of Information and Communication Technology for Economic Development
11 March 2004 - Forum Promotes Cooperation between Science and Technology Institutions in the ESCWA Member Countries and the Campania Region in Italy
9 March 2004 - Iraq Telecom Opens at ESCWA
8 March 2004 - ESCWA Hosts Forum on Capacity Building Through Technology Transfer and Networking
18 February 2004 - Knowledge Management Methodology: An Empirical Approach in Core Sectors in ESCWA Member Countries