Strengthening the Development of International Merchandise Trade Statistics
Implemented Activities
Workshop on Data Compilation and Application of Methodological Concepts (Amman - Jordan, 28 October - 2 November 2007)

A. Workshop Details
Information Note
List of Participants

B. Country Reports
Customs: Egypt
Customs: Jordan
Customs: Lebanon
Customs: Palestine
National Statistical Office: Bahrain
National Statistical Office: Jordan
National Statistical Office: Oman
National Statistical Office: Palestine
National Statistical Office: Saudi Arabia
National Statistical Office: Syria

C. Expert Papers
MEDSTAT II Programme
The Harmonized System and Accuracy of Merchandise Trade Statistics
Introduction of the ESCWA project in the field of International Trade Statistics (ESCWA)
UNSD activities in the field of International Trade
NCDP result (UNSD)
Feedback from Country Missions (by ESCWA/UNSD)
International recommendations
Revised Kyoto Convention Annex
Revised Kyoto Conventions (UNSD)
Institutional arrangements UNSD introduction
Data Validation at Customs (UNSD UNCTAD)
Data Validation at NSO (UNSD)
Data Validation at NSO (UNSD)
Overview of revision processes (UNSD)
Coverage (UNSD)
Trade System (UNSD)
World Customs Organization
Commodity, Conversion, RU, Q Estimation (UNSD)
Valuation (UNSD)
Partner Country Attribution
Reference Materials (UNSD)

D. Final Report
Arabic Version | Englsih Version

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