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International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
29 November2015

World AIDS Day
1 December2015

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
2 December2015





Mr. Oussama Safa
Section Chief


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Past Events

Inter-regional Seminar on "Participatory Development and Conflict Resolution: Path of Democratic Transition and Social Justice" Beirut

Expert Group Meeting to follow-up on recommendations of Civil Society Forum on "Arab Uprising and Prospects for Renaissance" Beirut

15/2- 20/2/2010
National workshop on "Building National Capacities in Iraq on Participatory Social Development" - Beirut

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Social Development Division

Participation and Social Justice

The Participation and Social Justice Section (PSJS) advances a vision for an integrated and inclusive policy framework in which social justice, participatory development and civic engagement are key ... more >>




ESCWA’s E-Seminar on Integrating Social Justice into National Reforms Plans, from 10 July to 15 September 2014

ESCWA celebrates the World Day of Social Justice in Beirut on 20 February 2015

ESCWA participates in the Regional Conference on Social Protection and Development, Riyadh, 24-26 November 2014

Regional Forum on Addressing Social and Economic Inequalities: The Need for a New Development Paradigm, Beirut 14-16 June 2014

Launching of ESCWA Publication on “Promises of Spring: Citizenship and Civic Engagement in Democratic Transitions”, Beirut, 17 December 2013

Capacity-Building Workshop and Launching of ESCWA Manual on “Partnership in Democratic Governance”, Beirut, 5-9 November 2013

The Promises of Spring: Citizenship and Civic Engagement in Democratic Transitions

Women and Participation in the Arab Uprisings: A Struggle for Justice

Civil Society Dialogues: Exploring New Frontiers

Manual on “Capacity-Building for Partnership in Democratic Governance”


  Country Briefs on Development Challenges, Democratic Transition and Civic Engagement
  Information Kit
  Policy Brief
  SD Bulletin


E/ESCWA/SDD/2013/Technical Paper.6
Information Kit - Effective Indicators to Measure Public Civic Participation

E/ESCWA/SDD/2013/Technical Paper.5
Participation and Civic Engagement Policy Brief Series: Policy Brief One Participation And Transitional Justice

Comparative Analysis of Civil Society Participation in Public Policy Formulation in Selected Arab Countries

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Participatory Development in Western Asia


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