ESCWA Communication and Information Unit (ECIU)
The ESCWA Communication and Information Unit (ECIU) acts as a liaison between the Commissions’ divisions and media institutions. ECIU is an instrumental link that allows proper exposure to the ESCWA intergovernmental meetings, expert group meetings, conferences, events related to international days and weeks, and the Commission’s studies and flagship reports.

The Unit also provides direct public outreach through new media such as Facebook in addition to the traditional media outputs. One of the priorities of ECIU is to offer information to schools and universities interested to learn more about the mandate of ESCWA in the region and its activities. This is usually done through visits and tours to the Commission’s headquarters in Beirut and through briefings conducted in educational institutions.

ECIU also produces the ESCWA Weekly News digital publication that is currently distributed to a growing database of over 3000 subscribers. This publication compiles major stories and events concerning ESCWA. The recipients of the Weekly News include media institutions, the diplomatic corps, governmental and non-governmental institutions in the host country and the region, as well as to UN staff members. The Weekly News archive is also available for public consultation on the ESCWA website.

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Mr. Nabil Abu-Dargham
Public Information Officer

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Public Information Assistant

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