ECIU - ESCWA Press Releases - 2013

17 December
ESCWA Launches Publication on Promises of Arab Spring

2 December
ESCWA and the League of Arab States hold a conference on disability in the Arab region

26 November
Regional Commission Marks Solidarity Day with Palestine in Presence of Lebanese and Palestinian Prime Ministers

25 November
Moroccan Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment Opens ESCWA Conference on Renewable Energy

19 November
Global Trade Facilitation Conference 18-19 November 2013 UN Regional Commissions join forces for global trade facilitation and paperless trade

13 November
Regional Commission and Carnegie Middle East Partner to Discuss 2013 Arab MDGs Report

23 October
Regional Commission Witnesses Two Major Events on Friday: Water, Food and Energy Nexus Conference and Launch of Inventory on Shared Water Resources in the Region

10 October
ESCWA-Rotary Report on Arab MDGs Launched at UN House

9 October
ESCWA-Berytech Digital Arabic Content Competition in Lebanon Still Ongoing

8 October
Jordan Minister of Transport Opens 14th Session of ESCWA’s Committee on Transport

7 October
Eighth Session of the Technical Committee on Liberalization of Foreign Trade, Economic, Globalization and Financing for Development in the Countries of the ESCWA Region Kicks Off

4 October
Jordanian Capital Hosts Four Major ESCWA Events

25 September
Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the Arab Region 2012-2013

27 September
Algeria Hosts Second Annual Meeting of the Arab Internet Governance Forum

19 September
2013 Arab MDGs Report to Be Launched from New York

13 September
The Inventory of Shared Water Resources in Western Asia Launched in Stockholm

30 Juillet
Une nouvelle phase de coopération entre la CESAO et la ligue des états arabes

30 July
ESCWA and League of Arab States Usher a New Era of Cooperation

18 Juillet
La CESAO publie son rapport annuel 2012

18 July
ESCWA Releases 2012 Annual Report

3 July
Regional Commission Discusses Implications of Syrian Crisis on Jordanian and Lebanese Economies

27 June
Cairo Hosts ESCWA Meeting on Middle Class in Arab Region

29 May
Combating Violence against Women and Girls on the Agenda of ESCWA

28 May
Dubai Hosts the Arab Regional Implementation Meeting

19 April
ESCWA Meeting on Infrastructure Investments and Public-Private Partnerships Concludes, Issues Rabat Declaration

19 April
La CESAO facilite l'échange de connaissances environnementales entre la Palestine et la Tunisie

18 April
Growth in Arab Region to Taper Off, Says Chief Economist on Launching ESCAP Study on Macroeconomic Policies for Development

5 April
Dubai Hosts Two ESCWA Meetings Next Week

26 March
ESCWA Committee on Water Resources Concludes 10th Session

8 March
58 Arab Figures Echo ESCWA’s Initiative, Condemn Violence against Women

22 Fevrier
La CESAO et La Ligue arabe discutent les opportunités et défis de l’industrie des noms de domaine dans le monde arabe et les mises à jour sur le processus arabe du forum de la gouvernance de l’Internet

22 February
ESCWA and LAS Discuss Opportunities and Challenges of Domain Names Industry in the Arab World and Updates on AIGF Process

5 February
High- Level Meeting on Democratic Transitions Opens In Presence of Minister of State Abdallah Baha Representing King Muhammad VI



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