ECIU - ESCWA Press Releases - 2014

16 December
Bolster Food and Water Security in the Arab region

11 December
Former SG Special Representative Urges the UN to Put Social Justice at the Heart of Political Debate

3 December
UN in Lebanon Marks International Day for Persons with Disabilities

26 November
Annual Meeting of the Arab Internet Governance Forum Opens

25 November
Third Meeting of the Arab Internet Governance Forum Opens Tomorrow

25 November
ESCWA Observes International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

21 November
Annual Meeting of the Arab Internet Governance Forum Under Auspices of Lebanese Telecom Minister and ESCWA Executive Secretary

20 November
ESCWA and DEC Partner to Discuss Macroeconomic, Sector Policies Coordination and Arab Economic Integration

14 November
Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the Arab Region 2013-2014

13 November
Air Pollution from Land Transportation in Lebanon

31 October
Tunisia Hosts 5th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

18 September
Ministerial Session Discusses Social Justice Monitoring and Measurement

18 September
Ministerial Session Discusses Intergenerational Justice and Access to Natural Resources

17 September
Ministerial Session Discusses Economic Policies in Support of Social Justice

17 September
Ministerial Session Gathers Eminent Thinkers, Discusses Social Justice and the New Development Approach

17 September
ESCWA 28th Ministerial Session Kicks Off, Discusses Social Justice in Arab Region

15 September
Regional Commission's Session Expresses Solidarity with Palestinian People

15 September
Regional Commission's Session Reviews Sustainable Development Progress

15 September
Commission's 28th Session Continues Discussions, Reviews Economic and Social Developments in the Arab Region

15 September
ESCWA 28th Session Opens Senior Official Segment

15 September
ESCWA takes part in Beirut Energy Forum and Discusses the Role of Renewable Energy

10 September
Syrian Conflict Impact on Macro-economy and Millennium Development Goals

3 September
Cost of conflict in Syria and Future Expectations

3 September
Tunisia Hosts Regional Commission's Ministerial Council to Boost Social Justice in the Region

2 Septembre
La Tunisie accueille la 28ème session ministérielle de la CESAO

21 August
Libyan Conflict and its Impact on Egypt and Tunisia

7 August
Stand to Mourn the Deaths of Innocent Civilians and Fellow Staff Members

6 August
E-Seminar on Integrating Social Justice into National Reforms Plans ongoing until 15 August

ESCWA strongly condemns Israel’s attacks on UNRWA schools in Gaza: another episode in a pattern of international law violations

24 June
ESCWA Visiting Experts Discuss Women, Peace and Security

16 June
The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in Promoting Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

16 June
Arab Integration: A 21st Century Development Imperative

10 June
Yemen National Dialogue: The Work Begins

4 June
To what extent do Arab legal systems facilitate women’s access to justice?

30 April
100 Syrian Youths Discuss their Country's Future

16 April
Enabling Policies for Financing Energy Efficiency Investments

31 March
Amman Hosts Prominent Regional Event on Sustainable Development

7 March
ESCWA Proposes a Strategic Vision for Arab Integration and Renaissance A new report makes a powerful case for how integration can be realized and sustained

6 March
New ESCWA Report Advocates Integration through Culture and the Arts Art, literature, music and film hold the key to Arab unity and renaissance

5 March
ESCWA calls for Arab Economic Integration to Revive Development Integration would increase regional GDP by 3 per cent, create 6 million new jobs by 2020

4 March
Integration Presents Arab World with Unique Opportunities for Human Development, says New ESCWA Report Economic integration is “a requirement for survival”

3 March
Regional Commission calls for Arab Integration as a Development Imperative in the 21st Century Despite obstacles, there are still good reasons to believe that the dream of Arab unity can be realized

21 January
Syrian Experts Urge Geneva II Parties to Seize Historic Opportunity



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