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Subject: Economic Development | Issued in: 2005 | Symbol: E/ESCWA/EAD/2005/5/Rev.1

Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the ESCWA Region, 2005, Summary
مسح للتطورات الاقتصادية والاجتماعية في منطقة الإسكوا 2005، ملخص

UN-ESCWA just released a Summary of the 2005 "Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the UN-ESCWA Region," whose theme is "strategies for development out of crisis conditions." Covering social, economic and sustainable development, the Survey warns that the impact from the current oil-boom on region-wide development remains below potential because of comparatively low levels of economic integration and sub-optimal macroeconomic structures in most UN-ESCWA member countries.

The Survey emphasizes that in an area so rich in resources, a change could be readily achieved in a more regionally-integrative and tension-defused environment, with an economic policy centred on regional cooperation, investment facilitation and job creation.

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