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Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
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Under the presidency of the Chief of Government and in partnership with:

Delegate Ministry to the Head of Government in Charge of General Affairs and Governance, Kingdom of Morocco


This meeting was carried out with funding from the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada.

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Meeting Title

High-Level Meeting on Beyond Populism: Economic Challenges and Opportunities in Democratic Transitions (Rabat, 5-6 February 2013)

الاجتماع الرفيع المستوى حول الانتقال إلى الديمقراطية: التحديات والفرص الاقتصادية بعيداً عن الشعبوية  -  الرباط، 5-6 شباط/فبراير 2013

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Opening [English] | [Arabic]

ES's Meeting with the Minister of Governance [English] | [Arabic]

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Theme I: From Autocracy to Democracy: The Voices of the Many and Decisions of the Few

Session I: Restless Democrats: Managing Expectations beyond Populist Policies

Moderator: Noeleen Heyzer, Executive Secretary, ESCAP
[English | Arabic]

(i) Windows of Opportunity: Constructing Developmental States in Democratic Transitions

Speaker: Korn Chatikavanij, Former Minister of Finance, Thailand
[English | Arabic]

(ii) Innovative Partnerships or a Game of Musical Chairs: The Public-Private Nexus

Speaker: Rizal Ramli, Former Minister for Finance, Indonesia
[English | Arabic]

(iii) Planting the Seeds for Democratic Success: The Economic and Fiscal Challenges for Countries in Transition

Speaker: Fouad al Sanyoura, Former Prime Minister of Lebanon
[English | Arabic]

Session II: Growth and Social Equity: Policy Trade-Offs

Moderator: Antonio Prado, Deputy Executive Secretary, ECLAC
[English | Arabic]

(i) Equitable Development of the People, for the People: Options for Public Finance

Speaker: Gouda Abdel-Khalek, Former Minister for Supply and Domestic Trade, Egypt
[English | Arabic]

(ii) Building a Democracy of Citizens: The Right to Employment and Decent Work

Speaker: Elena Salgado, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Spain
[English | Arabic]

(iii) From the Street to the Political Arena: Islamist Parties between Ideology and Economic Policies

Speaker: Numan Kurtulmuş, Deputy Chairman for Economic Affairs, Justice and Development Party, Turkey
[English | Arabic]

Theme II: External Support and National Sovereignty: Navigating the Minefield

Session III: External Support to Fledgling Democracies: A Blessing or a Curse?

Moderator: Haytham Manna, Spokesperson for the Arab Commission for Human Rights Syria
[English | Arabic]

(i) Empowered Democrats and Competing Demands: Managing Natural Resources

Speaker: Einar Steensnaes, Former Minister of Petroleum and Energy of Norway, Senior Advisor, Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights
[English | Arabic]

(ii) Mind the Gap: International Civil Society Organizations and State Sovereignty

Speaker: Houriya Mashour, Minister for Human Rights, Yemen
[English | Arabic]

(iii) To Catch a Thief: Recuperating Stolen Assets

Speaker: Bertrand Louis, Swiss Ambassador in Morocco
[English | Arabic]

Session IV: One People, Different Identities: Regional Integration and Cooperation

Moderator: Tarik Mitri, Special Representative of Secretary-General to Libya
[English | Arabic]

(i) Returns on Investment: National Interest, Official Development Assistance (ODA) and External Loans

Speaker: Mohamed Najib Boulif, Delegate Minister for General Affairs and Governance, Morocco
[English | Arabic]

(ii) The European Union and Regional Integration: Models and Policy Options

Speaker: Carlos Westendorp, Secretary General, Club de Madrid
[English | Arabic]

(iii) Arab Uprisings and the Spillover Effect

Speaker: Ziad Fariz, Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan and Former Deputy Prime Minister, Jordan
[English | Arabic]

Round-table Discussion: People Power: Translating Political Influence into Economic Vision and Action

Moderator: Rima Khalaf, Executive Secretary, ESCWA


Mahmoud Gebril, President of the National Forces Alliance, Former Prime Minister of Libya
[English | Arabic]


Idriss Azami Al-Idrissi, Minister in charge of the Budget
[English | Arabic]


Ridha Saidi, State Minister for Economic and Social Affairs
[English | Arabic]


Jawad Annani, President of the Economic and Social Council of Jordan, Former Deputy Prime Minister
[English | Arabic]