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From Words to Action

During the Week of International Women Day (8-15 March), ESCWA elevators were dressed in Arabic calligraphy, the language of the region where the Commission is working alongside governments to implement women’s rights.

From words to achievement, "?? ?????? ??? ??????", was an internal visual campaign inside the UN House, Beirut, that showed the difference empowerment can make through a simple, to-the-point, Arabic illustration.

The letter ? was placed in the middle of the elevator door, and when the door opened, the background of the elevator itself showed the letter ?. In Arabic, ? is used to turn names into the feminine form, while ? gives a feminine twist to verbs.

Using a simple change of letters in Arabic, the message was to urge the leap from words into action, and from decreeing laws to implementing them.

Another campaign was also launched on the social media platform Twitter, where ESCWA Centre for Women interacted with experts on women’s issues, women machineries, academia and media figures and outlets, to get the UN message across on this day and on these issues.
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