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Danish Journalists Visit ESCWA, Get Briefed on the Syria Programme

Danish Journalists Visit ESCWA, Get Briefed on the Syria Programme
On 27 March 2014, a group of Danish journalists paid a visit to ESCWA headquarters in Down Town Beirut to learn about the work the Commission is undertaking concerning the Syrian crisis.

ESCWA has in fact been implementing "The National Agenda for the Future of Syria" programme since August 2012. The programme aims to engage Syrian stakeholders in the process of post-conflict transition by developing a National Agenda for the strategic and logistical needs of reconstruction and reconciliation and promoting the necessary conditions for its implementation.
Experts from the Economic Development and Globalization Division (EDGD) met with the journalists to outline the programme to them. They delivered an assessment of the Syrian economic situation presently, and the expected scenarios should the crisis end at once or in the coming two years. A Q and A session followed the presentation, where journalists were able to share their comments as well as ask in-depth questions about the programme and the socio-economic situation in Syria.

The programme aspires to reach three key outcomes, namely, to produce a comprehensive National Agenda on the policy alternatives for the most pressing social, economic and governance challenges during Syria’s post-conflict transition; Develop networks and partnerships between Syrian stakeholders and regional as well as international partners to facilitate and advocate for post-conflict transition in Syria; Strengthen the capacities of Syrian stakeholders from all walks of life to actively and effectively participate in post-conflict transition in Syria.
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