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ESCWA Technical Partner in Shaping KSA Tenth Five Year Plan

On 20 and 21 May 2014, an ESCWA delegation headed by Senior Economist and Director of the Economic Development and Globalization Division Abdallah Al Dardari met with a group of senior officials in the Ministry of Economy and Planning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), at the Ministryís headquarters. Also participating in the meeting was Assistant Resident Representative at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in KSA Mayssam Tamim.
The meeting examined progress made until May 2014, and offered an opportunity for both parties to exchange views on adopted methodologies and implementations plans concerning the KSA Tenth Five Year Plan. In his presentation, Al Dardari stressed that the project represents a national Saudi effort to which ESCWA is contributing as a technical partner. He pointed out the noteworthy progress in establishing it, since the first phase of the project has reached the 75 per cent implementation mark according to the initial agreement, in less than half the time frame allocated for it.
In his presentation, Al Dardari also praised the common success in establishing 5600 main indicators approximately of the Kingdomís 10th five year plan, weighting national goals and policies and sectoral and operational goals in such a way as to reveal the relative importance of each goal, and both direct and indirect links among them. He noted that the adopted methodology is based on the main indicators and on weighting, so linkages can be established among all goals, policies, and implementing parties of the plan, and a complete network can be built. It can be used as a new framework in establishing the plan and following up on its implementation, which is a precedent in the Arab world.
The Saudi counterpart expressed its satisfaction with the level of technical cooperation and the progress in achievement, and praised efforts and common work behind this benchmark, which is a qualitative leap in the area of economic planning in KSA.
The project seeks to develop the capacities of the Ministry of Economy and Planning in KSA in establishing and following up on development plans through the establishment of indicators to measure the progress in implementing the goals and policies of the tenth five year plan and the linkages among the planís operational, sectoral and national goals.

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