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Dardari Meets Lebanese University Students

On 4 June 2014, ESCWA Chief Economist and Director of the Economic Development and Globalization Division (EDGD) Abdallah Al Dardari called on a group of university students from the Economic Science And Business Administration Studies Faculty of the Lebanese University, Aley branch, to write an academic paper on gas production and its benefits in Lebanon, which would be discussed at ESCWA with a group of experts.
Upon invitation from the faculty, Al Dardari was laying out the importance of scientific research, especially amid the recent context of Lebanon, and explaining how components of a study come together with due consideration to latest developments and pressing needs of the country, the investment climate, and geographic as well as geological dimensions of resources under examination.
Dardari, who pays special importance to meetings with university students, was welcomed by the Director of the Economic Science And Business Administration Studies Nabil Bou Nasreddine who called for more meetings of the sort, which enrich studentsí scientific qualifications and research.
Concluding the meeting, Al Dardari invited students to visit ESCWA headquarters in Beirut, and benefit from the resources present at the library, and which are available for knowledge seekers, whether individuals or institutions, to consult.
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