Theme I: Transition from Autocracy to Democracy

Growth, Social Justice and the Role of State and non State Institutions

Moderator: Noeleen Heyzer, Executive Secretary, ESCAP



The Challenges of Inclusive Growth and Social Justice in Transitions

What are the short term economic and social challenges that face countries in transition? How should States address development priorities while upholding democratic principles? What policies can mitigate the threats of political and economic turmoil during transitions? What strategies can lead to the attainment of equitable growth and social justice in countries that suffer from deep socio-economic inequality? Is a new development paradigm necessary?

Ziad Baha ElDin- Member of Parliament, Egypt




The Role of the State in Balancing Growth and Social Justice

What are the fundamental principles that govern the building, rebuilding and reform of state institutions? How to balance efficiency with the pressing needs of the population? What steps can be taken to reduce poverty while safeguarding investor confidence in the economy? What role for the executive and legislative branches of government in this process?

Eduardo Suplicy, Senator, Sao Paulo, Federal Republic of Brazil



The Role of the Media in Democratic Transitions

How did media coverage impact the progress and outcomes of the various uprisings across the region? How should media outlets balance the requirements for independence and objectivity with demands to support just causes and democratization efforts across all Arab countries?

Ibrahim Helal, News Director, Al-Jazeera Arabic



The Role of External Factors in Transition

What role do external/regional powers play in supporting or hindering liberation, reform and democratization? What are the agendas driving such powers and how can national actors deal with them? Are international and human rights organizations and CSOs, the United Nations and Bretton Woods’s institutions viable partners for supporting a reform, democratization agenda and social justice agenda?  

Hanan Ashrawi, PLO Executive Committee Member, Member of the Palestinian National Council