Population Information Network - Western Asia (POPIN)

On this page you will find publications relating to population issues that have been made available for the web and can be displayed or downloaded via pdf or html.

The page "Regional Publications" contains papers covering a number of population subjects of concern for the region. The page "National Publications" refers to studies and reports that have been published by countries.

The papers are made available without further editing. ESCWA assumes no responsibility for the content of the publications.

National Publications
Regional Publications

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ASSR (Arab Social Science Research)- Online Journals
ICPD Programme of Action

  General Publications  
Population Trends and Challenges in the Middle East
Three to Five Saves Lives
Report of the Global Commission on International Migration (2005)

  Publications and Documents by the Population and Social Development Section  
Macro Economic Aspects Linking Poverty, Development and Population
Population and Development:‎ The Demographic Profile of the Arab Countries
ESCWA Population and Development Report, No.1: Water scarcity in the Arab World
Responding to Globalization: Trends, Challenges and Policies on Labour Migration and Population Dynamics
Integration of Population Issues in the Development Process
Population Kit No. 2: Population Policies Information System in the Arab Countries: Policies and Future Prospects
Kit on the Population Polices and Indicators in the Arab Region (Arabic)
Impact of Proximate Determinants on the Recent Fertility Transition in Yemen
Population and Migration Policies in the Arab Region (Arabic)
Fact Sheet Ageing (Ar)
Fact Sheet Ageing (En)
Arab Plan of Action Ageing 2012 (En)
Arab Plan of Action Ageing 2012 (Ar)
Social Development Bulletin Population Ageing in Arab Countries: Building a Society for All Ages, Volume 1 Issue 2
Follow-up on Priority Issues in the Field of Social Development in the ESCWA Region: Youth in Development Policies
Social Policy Brief No. 3: Youth Migration in the Arab Countries
Social Development Bulletin, Impact of the Financial Crisis on International Migration in the Arab Region, Sixth Issue
Population and Development Report, Third Issue, International Migration and Development in the Arab Region: Challenges and Opportunities
Population and Development Report, Second Issue, The Demographic Window: An Opportunity for Development in the Arab Countries
The Demographic Profile of the Arab Region, 2009
Social Policy Brief No. 2: Age Structural Transitions in Arab Countries: Policy Implications for Development
Social Policy Brief No. 1: Demographic Transition in Arab Countries: Preparing for the Future
National Youth Policy: Priorities and Paradigms
Social Development Bulletin, The Youth Bulge: Social Implications and Future Vision, Volume 2 Issue 1 (Ar)
Social Development Bulletin, Migration Policies in ESCWA Countries
Social Policy Brief No. 4: Reinforcing Social Equity - Mainstreaming Ageing Issues in the Process of Development Planning in the ESCWA Region
Population in the Arab Region: Trends and Implications
Assessment and Mapping of United Nations Research on Youth
International Migration and Development in the ESCWA Region: Challenges and Opportunities
National Policies on Youth (En)
National Policies on Youth (Ar)