Population Kit No. 2: Population Policies Information System in the Arab Countries: Policies and Future Prospects

This Kit includes two publications. The first entitled "Population Policies Profiles in the Arab Countries" (ESCWA/SDD/2003/Booklet.4) is a portfolio on the experiences of Jordan, Tunisia, Sudan, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt and Yemen in the area of formulating population policies in light of the ICPD, POA. The profiles are based on the responses of these countries to the population policies information system (PPIS) inquiries and the national population policies documents in addition to the official reports submitted by these governments to ICPD+5 and to the annual meetings of the national population committees/councils meetings. In addition to the history and the progress made by these countries in formulating and integrating population policies, the profiles also shed light on the national strategies adopted to deal with selected population issues, such as Population growth, Internal and International Migration, Economic growth, Natural resources, Public health, Child health, reproductive health, Education and Empowerment of women.

The second document is a manual for the Population Policies Information System users (ESCWA/SDD/2003/Booklet.4). The manual introduces the PPIS, its requirements and mode of operation and offers the user with the know-how to surf the system and search for population policies and related indicators by country, year and topic.

The Kit also includes the PPIS CD-ROM containing the population policies and indicators for 10 Arab countries
. The PPIS is a database developed to monitor and follow-up on the implementation of national population goals and targets. It is a powerful tool for monitoring country progress towards the MDGs and the population targets set at United Nations international conferences. PPIS offers the user a range of outputs by countries and topics. These outputs provide reports on policies, indicators, and on monitoring policy implementation, in addition to reports on the general position of governments, depending on the userís need. More information on the development of the PPIS, its potential and data collection mechanism, can be found in the brochure "monitoring goals and targets" (ESCWA/POP/2002/1).