Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is Procurement?
    Procurement is the process of obtaining goods and services from external sources against payment.

  2. How can I register as a supplier in ESCWA Procurement Unit?
    Registration is a simple process; registration documents can be downloaded from ESCWA Procurement & Travel web site. Please Note that application to register will promptly evaluated and vendor will be notified in writing by the result of evaluation.

  3. Why must I code my products/services?
    UN procurement use UN commodity codes to identify suppliers that provide the products/services in which they are interested. Without the commodity codes the supplier will not be visible to UN procurement staff.

  4. How does the United Nations ESCWA pay suppliers?
    United Nations ESCWA payment terms are normally net 30 days upon receipt of invoice and delivery of goods or performance of contractual services, whichever is later. Advance payments (such as for subscriptions) and progress payments prior to delivery of goods or performance of contractual services ordered may be approved on an exceptional basis at the discretion of Escwa, if such payments are required pursuant to normal commercial practice or considered to be in the interest of ESCWA.

    ESCWA does not issue letters of credit.

  5. What are ESCWA Conditions of Contract?

    Suppliers doing business with ESCWA must accept the general conditions that apply to all contracts and purchase orders. For details see Contract Conditions.

  6. Does ESCWA purchase tax/duty free?

    The Convention on the privilages and immunities of the United Nations provides that ESCWA , is exempt from all divect taxes, customs and duties for articles imported or exported for official use.

  7. Is it all right for advertisment to say that I supply goods or Services to ESCWA?

    Suppliers and Contractors may not advertise or make public that they provide goods or services to ESCWA and may not use the name,emblem or official seal of the United Nations or ESCWA for any purpose without express permission.

  8. Does ESCWA require performance guarantee?
    ESCWA may require a successful contractor to furnish performance bonds in the United Nations standard format or similar forms of guarantee. The amount of performance bonds/guarantees will vary depending on the nature of the requirements. For example, in case of construction contracts, ESCWA calls for performance bonds and labor and material bonds in sums equal to the total contract price. ESCWA may also include a liquidated damages clause in its contractual documents in case adherence to the schedule of delivery of goods or performance of contractual services is critical to meet the requirements of ESCWA.

  9. Is there information on requests for bids/proposals?