Registration Procedure

Suppliers must first register with ESCWA Procurement and Travel Unit (PTU) in order to bid on tenders. Registration forms are evaluated to ensure that the goods or services offered are relevant to the requirements handled by PTU. ESCWA solicits bids only from qualified vendors registered in its database of suppliers.

In order to register, suppliers must accurately complete the following information, which should be forwarded to ESCWA by e-mail, fax or regular mail:

  1. The completed application, bearing the appropriate signature (registration form);

  2. Copy of certificate of incorporation (privately held companies only);

  3. Your latest certified audited financial statements, i.e. Balance Sheet and Income Statement or copy of your signed income tax return; or your annual report to shareholders (publicly traded companies);

  4. Approved standard of certifications if any, (ISO-FPA-GMP);

  5. General information regarding your firm and its products/services, including copies of standards of quality certification for the products/services for which you wish to register;

  6. Letter of reference from at least three (3) clients to whom your company has provided goods/services over the past twelve (12) month;

  7. Certification as an authorized dealer, which is applicable to suppliers that are trading or representative companies and are not directly involved in the manufacture of the product.

Suppliers are requested to identify the commodity codes for products / services which they intend to provide.

Interested parties are encouraged to register for inclusion in the (PTU) Database of Suppliers by completing and submitting the Suppliers registration form together with the required documents noted above to:

Attn: Procurement & Travel Unit
P.O. Box 11-8575
Riad Elsolh Square
Beirut Lebanon
Tel: + 961-1-981301
Fax: + 961-1-981501

If you require further technical or substantive help in completing your company's application, please forward your inquiry to the address mentioned above.

A supplier who has not fully completed the registration process, but intends to submit an offer, must either complete the registration process prior to the opening of the solicitation or submit the required information along with the offer. For further information on a specific product line or service, please contact ESCWA Procurement and Travel Unit.

ESCWA will evaluate each completed application on the basis of financial soundness, experience and relevance of the goods/services offered. ESCWA also requires information as to whether you have in your employment any person(s) who have been employed by the United Nations in the past. If so, please provide ESCWA with the necessary details.


ESCWA Procurement and Travel Unit currently use Database only as information source and not for Solicitation.


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