Trade and Environment in the Arab Region

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Trade and Environment in the Arab Region


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National Committees on Trade and Environment

The Jordanian Committee for Trade and Environment was established by decision of the Prime Ministry based on the recommendation of the Minister of Environment in 2003.
The Committee is comprised of representatives from the following ministries and organizations:
-     Ministry of Environment (Chair and Secretariat)
-     Ministry of Industry and Trade
-     Ministry of Health
-     Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation
-     Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
-     Ministry of Transport
-     Ministry of Justice
-     Ministry of Agriculture
-     Jordan Customs Department
-     Jordan Institute for Standards and Metrology
-     Amman Chamber of Industry
-     Amman Chamber of Commerce
-     Royal Scientific Society
-     Friends of Environment Society
  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Committee on Trade and Environment is composed of members of the following institutions:
-     Ministry of Trade and Industry (Chair)
-     Presidency of Metrology and Environment
-     Saudi Standards Organization
-     Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
-     Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
  Syrian Arab Republic
The Syrian Committee on Trade and Environment was reinvigorated in 2007. Its current membership comprises representatives from the following:
-     Ministry of Local Administration and Environment (Chair)
-     Ministry of Foreign Affairs
-     Ministry of Economy and Trade
-     Syrian Central Bank
-     Ministry of Finance
-     State Planning Commission
-     Standards and Metrology Organization
-     Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals
-     Damascus Chamber of Agriculture
-     Ministry of Tourism
-     General Authority for Environmental Affairs
The Yemeni National Committee on Environment and Trade was established according to the Minister of Water and Environment Decree No. 41 for 2006. Its membership includes the following:
-     President of the Environment Protection Authority (President)
-     Ministry of Industry and Trade (Member)
-     Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Member)
-     Ministry of Fisheries (Member)
-     Yemen Export Supreme Council (Member)
-     Yemen Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control Organization (Member)
-     General Investment Authority (Member)
-     Yemen Customs Authority (Member)
-     Federation of Yemeni Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Member)
-     Yemeni Association for Consumer Protection (Member)
-     Association of Yemeni Industrialists (Member)
-     Communication and Coordination Office with the World Trade Organization (Member)
-     Trade and Environment Unit of the Environment Protection Authority (Member and rapporteur)

Trade and Environment in the Arab Region

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